Re-learning Self Settling

When I jumped the gun and wrote Survival Mode Part II: Relief, things had gotten better…before they got even worse. Last week we experienced 4-8 wakeups per night and day naps back to 30 mins. It was taking increasingly more time and effort to settle the baby who then seemed to have such light, restless sleep. When she did sleep, we tiptoed around the house…which seems pretty normal. Except that we had stopped having dinner, lest it break the fragile sleep cycle, instead opting to just go straight to bed on an empty stomach. We cancelled plans left, right and centre as we just tried to cope with each day. Continue reading

Survival Mode Part II: Relief

When I wrote Survival Mode, I was a bit broken…little did I know it would get worse. Everyday, I woke up and genuinely had hope my baby would go back to how she used to be: a self- settling good sleeper…or that I wouldn’t be so stressed that she doesn’t sleep anymore. But each laboured bedtime was wearing me down until the other night I was a sobbing mess at another failed settling attempt. “I can’t do this anymore!” I whined. I don’t know what I thought the alternative was but something had to change. Continue reading

Sleep Like A Baby…

To Sleep Like A Baby: To experience a very deep and restful sleep; to sleep soundly.



If only it were that easy. For the baby or for you.

All of these motherly things such as breastfeeding or settling a baby, I thought they would just come naturally. Little did I know it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to make

People will helpfully give you the advice: “Sleep when the baby sleeps”. I’m sorry, it doesn’t quite work like that. My experience might be different to most other people’s but my reality was a baby who rarely slept for longer than 20 mins at a time during the day and then stretches of 3-4 hours overnight up to 4 months old. It’s amazing how much sleep deprivation you can actually cope with as a new parent, but after weeks and weeks of it, it takes its toll. If you are experiencing anything like this, you have my deepest sympathy. Please be kind to yourself!

We reached crisis point with the catnaps, but mostly the upsets which turned out to be a feeding issue (see (Breast/Bottle) Feeding) and in came a Karitane Nurse who diagnosed the problem, taught us self settling and gave us a routine and was gone in 90 minutes. And from then our lives changed for the better. Let me save you $270 and further heartache, distress, worry and share with you what we learned and what is working for us. Continue reading