Opinions Are Like Bums: Everyone Has One

Becoming a parent has brought many new experiences: childbirth, early mornings, unconditional love and singing the same song 12 times in a row without the aid of alcohol. One of these new experiences is the previously hidden (and overwhelming) community of people who have opinions about how you raise your kid. I’m slowly growing a thick skin to it, but boy did it blindside me when I was starting out. I’ve written before about pre-baby Steph and how naïve she was.  But this is different. It’s all very personal. Continue reading


Homemade Prune Juice

When Jessica was still being breastfed, she was prescribed Lactulose to help things along. It’s so thick and horrible to administer, so she was bottlefed it twice a day with some expressed breastmilk. The Karitane Nurse (magic fairy lady) told me to switch to prune juice and we haven’t looked back 🙂 Some might recommend brown sugar and boiled water but this has worked really well for us.

  1. Put 10 prunes in a saucepan
  2. Cover with water
  3. Poach (simmer for 5 minutes or so when the water starts to brown)
  4. Press down on each prune with a fork to release the pruney goodness
  5. Strain off the juice and chill (it’s really prune water)

You could probably start with more water to make a more dilute recipe.

Jessica just loves it cold from the fridge.

At 5 months, we’re giving 9mL as required, but it’s probably good to give daily to prevent constipation.  As Jessica has 3 solid meals a day, I also make sure there’s a good mixture of fruit (apple, pear) and veg (courgette, kumara, pumpkin, carrot) so that it’s not too much stodgy root vegetables (not game to try potato just yet). And of course sips of water.

(Breast/Bottle) Feeding

Breast Is Best

Before Jessica was born, I had firm views on how I would feed her.

In antenatal class, we were told that “breast is best” and that 96% of mothers have sufficient supply to feed their baby. We even did an exercise where we got into groups and shared whether we were breast or formula-fed. About 18 of us reporting back that we were breast-fed and two who weren’t. Even though I was firmly in the “breast is best” camp, I couldn’t help but feel it was a shitty exercise to single out those whose mothers didn’t toe the line… Classes like that appeal to me, because I like to take information like that and adhere to it to the letter, that way I know I’m getting it right. Continue reading