What to wear? I’ve spent so many hours scrolling through, so hopefully I’ll save you a bit of time!

Any floaty dresses (or stretchy ones) will keep you comfy. In winter, you’ll just need 3 or so pairs of maternity tights. I got some good ones that sit under your bust (top of the bump) from ASOS and they saw me through the winter.

If you are buying new tops – buy breastfeeding ones. It’s a bit of a waste to buy ‘maternity’ tops if you can’t then use them when you’re breastfeeding. You don’t want to have to pull your top up all the way to access the boob, you want the ability to unclip or have the extra layer if you want to be more discreet.

If you’re wondering about sizing, I found that items in my “normal” size worked best. Whenever I tried to compensate for my growing figure, the clothes ended up far too baggy and I didn’t get much use out of those items.

‘Like’ pages on FB to find out when they’re having a sale – don’t pay full price!


A really wide range. I spent so long scrolling through. Can be a bit hit and miss with sizing and what they actually look like in real life, but they have a really great returns policy so worth checking it out.


This really surprised me. Esprit have a really great maternity range. The clothes are super comfy, the range covers different seasons. And they are really reasonably priced! Become a loyalty member and get access to sales and good discounts. Don’t pay full price – they have sales all the time.

Cotton On Body

I can recommend the knickers. They’re cut nice and low and are also good for post partum. The racers (singlet and maternity bra in one) are convenient but are tight fitting, so allow for that. Also good to see they have recently added materity activewear which is really hard to find.


Aaaahhhh…counting down the days to online!! You’ll have to mish in-store for these.

Kmart have the best maternity undies. So comfy, and so cheap they are perfect for labour and afterwards too! (In case you didn’t know, there’s lots of bleeding afterwards, for weeks and so you’ll be wearing pads for what feels like ever). They come in a 3 pack of white, black and grey. I’m still wearing mine!!

Bendon Lingerie

Everyone I know has one of these bras:


Love it! Fashionable and convenient! Again wait for a sale.


Here are some other online retailers to check out…

Hotmilk Lingerie

Cadenshae – Maternity activewear. I found the sizing really tight so do the measurements and go a size up!

Angel Maternity – Great range. Love their dresses – very flattering.

Belly Beyond


Mrs Smith Maternity


3 Bears

Rock Your Bump – got some really great below-the-bump exercise tights from here that I still use. They are super comfy!

Egg Maternity

Pregoli – Looks a bit expensive

Maternity World

Moxie Mama Wear