Period Undies: 3 Brands and 3 Cycles

What a time to be alive! I mean, yes periods can be a drag, but there are so many choices on offer on how to manage them. I’m a recent cup-convert so I thought period undies would be a tough sell but wow these are cool. If you’re considering them, there are lots to choose from, so where do you start? I purchased three different brands to test drive and here’s what I think. Warning: the most unglamorous photos ever in an effort to show you what they look like on.

With period underwear, or menstrual underwear, you bleed straight into them. You shouldn’t need anything extra, unless they’re designed as a backup. If you choose the right absorbancy, you shouldn’t have any leaks. They’re also ideal for other sorts of discharge or light bladder leakage.

To care for them, when you are able after you have worn them, rinse in cold water until the water runs clear then add to your normal wash. Easy. I run them under the shower until the water gets warm.

You can see a comparison of these three brands based on what they look and feel like in my Instagram highlights


Bum selfie: Vitals. Can you see the gusset across my rear? These feel like normal undies!

I’m busting to start with my faves: Vitals. I got the Classic type. These are so comfy and surprisingly trim. They absorb up to 25ml (3-4 tampons). I happen to know that my daily maximum is about 15ml thanks to using a cup. So these are more than enough for me but they’re not bulky at all so it’s not overkill. I cannot stress how comfortable they are. The gusset doesn’t seem to come up very high, however, I have discovered that even as a front bleeder, the absorbancy totally takes care of this. Vitals are made of Bamboo, are a NZ company and they have ‘Teen’ and ‘Sleek’ options too. They have a leak-free guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. I paid $29.95 from www.menstrualcupnz. Highly recommend!!

Vitals Classic: comfy, trim and the most absorbant


Modibodi: comfortable but I notice that I’m wearing period undies. Some might like that security?

I have no idea if you say Mode-ee-bode-ee or moddy-body so I just thought I’d get that out of the way. Modibodi are a perfectly good option and they offer a really wide range of different cuts and styles, including Curvy, Maternity, Swimwear and Sensual. I got the Classic Full Brief for heavy/overnight flow. The description for absorbancy also says 3-4 tampons, however they equate that to 20ml. I trust these undies too but I found that I did feel wetness at times (this feeling would abate as the absorbancy caught up). These are worth about $36.

Modibodi Classic Full Briefs

Love Luna

Love Luna: I wear these as normal undies. So comfortable. Great as exercise undies

These I got first, months ago. I thought I could get away with the Midi (up to 15ml) but they probably last half a day in the first half of my period. It’s not really a fair comparison with the other two brands absorbancy-wise but I love these for overnight at the end of my period and they’re great for everyday instead of a panty liner. If you use a tampon or a cup, these would make a lovely, trim wastefree backup. $17 from

Love Luna Midi: so comfy.
Fuck I’m sick of looking at my crotch.

More On Period Undies

So after the revelation that is period undies here are some pros:

  • Easy to put on/remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Discreet
  • Trim
  • No smells
  • Economical if you wear undies anyway

The only other thing I’d say is that I do prefer cups, but that’s a personal preference of not liking the feeling of the blood coming out. The best thing about all of these is having options. Throughout my last cycle I’ve used period undies, a cup and reusable pads. Choices are choice.

As always, any questions – let me know. Happy to help x

Just in case you weren’t sick of my bum, here’s me in my exercise tights with my Vitals underneath. I think it’s pretty discreet (the undies, not my bum!) I went for a run in them and there are no worries!

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