Everyone’s First Holiday

I didn’t think we’d get to go away this summer. Jessica has been unwell with her viral wheeze. Since leaving the hospital a couple of months ago, she’s been waking up wheezing and requiring the spacer 2-3 times a week and waking up in general every other night. I have friends who were kind enough to consider us when booking accommodation for two nights (an extra room just for Jessica).

I devised a plan of taking Jessica for one night away, and then Mr Steph would pick her up in the morning and I could have the second night with just my friends and I. It was a win-win-win. Mr Steph had a night off, I had a night off and Jessica had a great time exploring her new digs and enjoying her first trip to the beach. She was such a champ. It’s a real challenge to keep her occupied at this age, she’s such a social little bear, but there was plenty to do for her. We arrived at 4pm and she was picked up at 11am – in hindsight she could have spent the rest of the day, but I’m glad I had my time too.


Piha view

Our view from the top of our bushwalk, looking down on Piha


Putting her to bed for the night was challenging. She’s not really used to the portacot (which I borrowed from family), but I think her main problem was FOMO. She woke in the night, as I expected her to, and it was hard for her to relax in the unfamiliar room fully lit up by the Super Moon. So I brought her into my bed, not expecting any co-sleeping success based on my most recent experience, but the bed was soft and comfy and we both got some sleep. I was very relieved!

In the morning, we had breakfast and hit the beach. Jessica was unsure of the black sand to begin with, but once she saw some footprints, her interest was piqued and off she went. The bucket was great for collecting shells and building sandcastles, and Shannon and Simon (and Joanie the dog) were masterful at digging and building shallow tunnel systems but the highlight was splashing in the shallows, waiting for the waves to come sneaking in.


Jess bucket sand

Jessica inspecting the black sand on the sole of her foot


Daddy picked her up and I was sad to see her little face moving away from me as the car drove off. Apparently she didn’t sleep all day – I thought she’d be wiped out!

Here are some highlights from my first night away:

  • Relaxing in the spa on six separate occasions (sometimes sipping beer or bubbles)
  • A swim at the beach
  • Snacking on my all-time fave antipasto selections
  • Chill time
  • 3 different board games
  • Staying up late
  • Sleeping in
  • Leisurely, delicious meals
  • Doing the dishes in my own time, uninterrupted
  • A 6km bushwalk, gaining quite some elevation and getting caught in heavy rain (fully respecting the Rahui of course)
  • Quality time spent with great friends


Steph and Si in spa

Relaxing in the spa in our beautiful native bush setting


All topped off by a quiet drive home and then the best cuddles and kisses, reunited with my loves.

I could have been distracted by worrying about Jessica missing her Mum, but I chose not to. She has a great time with her Dad and I knew she was in safe hands. Yes, it’s always easier with both of us around for the bedtime routine, but one night would be ok.

I highly recommend a night or two away. Whether it’s just you, or you and your partner or the whole family. Sometimes we can worry it will all be too hard, but often it’s mind over matter. Shout out to my wonderful friends for hosting and including us!

Have you had a night away? How old was your little one? Where did you go? What was it like?


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